Victory Trailer Service

At Victory Movers, Inc., we recognize and take seriously the value of each piece and delicate nature of your cabinetry, fine furniture, appliances and more.  That is why we provide our prestigious clientele with ‘White Glove’ services.  Our expertly trained and highly experienced crew ensure that each item is handled in the best possible way, guaranteeing your maximum satisfaction.

No matter how big or small your project is, Victory Movers, Inc. can accommodate you with pick-up, storage (2-docks, plus 14,000 square-feet of clean, environmentally controlled warehouse space) and delivery.   Since 1942, we have been moving furniture and cabinetry and know satisfaction is our first priority.

Interested in Victory Movers, Inc. and the products and services we offer?  We deliver on-time at extremely competitive prices with no hidden costs.



Rick Lea – General Manager

Phone – (224) 653-8521

Fax – (224) 653-8691

IL CC 5184 – MC 261751 – US DOT 76707