About Us

Victory Movers, Inc.,  was founded by Fred Lea almost eighty years ago at the beginning of World War II, to fill a need for contract delivery services at reasonable prices and with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. With a can-do attitude, Fred began his legacy that has been passed to his sons and now his grandson. The look of the vehicles, facilities, and processing may have been modernized in 80 years, but our dedication to customer satisfaction has not wavered. We still put our customers first and because of that our customer base is loyal and long standing due to our commitment to them.

Why us?

  • We understand the “Last Mile” logistics. Our process is specifically designed to successfully complete the final stage of the delivery to your satisfaction.
  • Our Fleet of top-of-the-line trucks are well maintained with daily routes.
  • Our ‘White-Glove’ Delivery Personnel are well trained and courteous, with a team attitude.
  • All products are hand unloaded and loaded without the use of mechanized means to protect your fragile cabinetry or appliances.
  • We employ a proprietary software system to track your product from our dock to your customer location.
  • All trucks are equipped with GPS monitoring and two-way communications.
  • Our fleet of trucks are well maintained and all are equipped with air-ride suspension to better protect your product in transit.

Victory through the years


and going!

A bit of history

Fred Lea, and his friend John Thornberry began building four-weel trailers to pull behind cars. They were rented with trucks to their new costumers. The new business was exempt from gas rationing. In 1942 this new company was named “Victory Trailer Service”.

Later in 1942, John moved into the house moving business, along with raising houses and adding basements. Fred was now full time in the trailer and truck rental business.

By the mid 1960’s, two of Fred’s sons became involved in the business, at the same time expanding into interstate booking and hauling and developing the framework for the full-service company that Victory is today.

Fred was such a Chicago Cubs fan that he refused to book jobs during home games. This allowed the boys to book jobs on their own. This was a great setup for the lads until they started to raise their own families.

In 1979 at the age of 71, company founder Fred Lea passed away, leaving control of the business with his widow. The purchase of Victory Movers, by his sons, Jim and Art Lea, was approved by the state of Illinois in March 1981.

For the past 40 years, Victory have remained true to the concept that the custumer is the key and making the customer happy is the conrnerstone of our success. Through hard work and dedication, three Lea’s generations have made, grew and mantained the business to new heights, so we have become a staple in the Chicago metro area.

Victory Movers is firmly in place in the day-to-day operation, currently looking to the future using new technologies and skilled labor, new capabilities in scheduling and tracking, using our expertise and the customer orientation, never forgetting the simple lessons from the past.